Annual, 100hr, and Condition Inspections are flat rate discounted. It includes repacking wheel bearings and Airworthiness Directive research. Additional labor may be charged if A.D. compliance logs are not current within the past year. The flat rate inspection pricing does not include compliance of Airworthiness Directives, labor/parts for repair or additional ICA inspection requirements of STC's installed in your aircraft.

Our membership hourly shop rate for repairs, servicing and discrepanccies (including ones found during an inspection) is $95/Hr for single and twin piston aircraft and $125/hr for avionics work, including engine monitor and Electronic Ignition installations.

If items in your aircraft are removable, we ask that you take them with you when leave. Please be sure to have all of your logs with you when leaving your aircraft (or logs access online) (POH, Airworthiness Cert, W&B, most current A.D. Log and all Airframe, Engine and Prop Log books.). If we do not have all of your log there may be a delay in starting/completing the inspection of your aircraft.


Pre-Purchase Inspections:

A good pre-purchase inspection will tell you what you are getting into and may give you leverage in negotiating a better price. A proper Pre-purchase inspection is the only way to find the airworthiness of an aircraft and to find if there are any underlying maintenance issues. Pre-purchase Inspection Prices are 80% of the listed Annual Inspection Fee. Our prices shown are based on the hours it actually takes to perform an inspection on the listed aircraft. A pre-purchase inspection is not an Annual Inspection.


Experimental Aircraft:

Pricing for condition Inspections on experimental aircraft is based on the owner opening and closing the aircraft. If you prefer us to open and close the aircraft there is an additional fee.


**Our Transparency to You**

Aviation Services provides aircraft inspections and maintenance to it’s Members only and is according to the appointment dates that Members select. They are by open dates only selected from our online appointment calendar.

A $200 deposit is due at the scheduling of your Annual, 100hr, or Condition inspection. Other maintenance may require a deposit after appointment scheduling.

The Inspection appointment date you select is for that week beginning on a Monday and the deposit is for that week only. Deposits will only be applied to that inspection week, it is your week. There are limited appointment dates available, make your date selection count.

Our process is as follows:

After your inspection is completed, you will be presented with the bill for the inspection. This bill is due upon receipt. At the same time or within a few days you will receive the list of discrepancies found during the inspection.

Once we settle on the items you approve for repair, we will present you with an estimate for each discrepancy repair as a package, which includes everything to repair the individual discrepancy. Please remember this is an estimate and not a quote. You will need to approve this final estimate.

Once the final estimate is approved, we will submit a bill for “Discrepancy Repair Deposit”. This bill is also due upon receipt.

Once all the work on your aircraft is completed, we will present you with a final Bill for “Discrepancy Repair” and any shipping not Billed. The final Bill is due upon receipt.

We use this method of Billing and estimates in order to ensure that you know what your bill will be, or close to it. Nobody likes the surprise of a huge bill. This way we can help you somewhat budget your maintenance, or at least know what you can expect to spend.

We do not wash or detail your aircraft. If an area needs to be clean in order for us to inspect it, we will clean that area. It is the owners/operators responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of their aircraft, this includes the belly. We do clean the top and bottom cowling, the prop, windshield and any dirty fingerprints we get on the aircraft.

Maintenance on your aircraft is not complete until the aircraft has a dated and signed log entry for the work accomplished. Services must be paid in full.   After 7 day period, there is a charge of 5% late fee and a $50 per day storage / security fee for your aircraft. Hanger space is very limited. We do not guarantee or imply that your aircraft will be stored inside (even during bad weather) before or after your inspection is completed. A 3% credit card surcharge fee will be added to all credit card payments.